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Bonusly makes work better for everyone, from the new hire to the CEO. It empowers teams across the world to recognize and reward one another for the great work they do day in, and day out.

We founded Bonusly because so many vital contributions go unrecognized and unrewarded every day, leading to disengagement, and employee turnover.

There is a major opportunity for cultural growth and improvement in most organizations, but few truly effective tools to focus on that opportunity.

Bonusly helps organizations across the globe outperform their competition and strengthen their team by fostering a culture of empowerment, positive feedback, and shared purpose.


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Raphaelcrawford marks

Raphael Crawford-Marks

Co-founder, CEO

Raphael is co-founder and CEO of Bonusly, where his focus is on creating a work environment that enables the Bonusly team to thrive.

He's committed to helping organizations across the globe lower turnover, boost morale, and inspire engagement by building a recognition-rich culture.

John is CTO and Co-Founder of Bonusly, where he lends his broad experience in all aspects of developing and running large scale, world class, high availability web infrastructures.

John is passionate about product design and strategy for social and e-commerce web products.

He's dedicated to providing delightful product experiences, and making work better for everyone.